For those who hate wasting energy.

Now you can reduce your energy bill up to 18 %* while creating the perfect temperature comfort with the most accurate control valve on the market.

All that without expensive actuators.




* Hydronic College Energy Insights research

4 reasons why you will fall in love with TA-Modulator

  1. Provides perfect room temperature comfort and great energy savings.
  2. Delivers only necessary amount of energy with positive impact on energy efficiency
  3. Minimizes pumping costs and enables proper adjustment of pumps.
  4. Decreases number of actuator movements and increases their longevity.

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Benefits for Designers and Consultants

Save your clients up to 18 %* of annual energy consumption thanks to TA Modulator's uniquely shaped EQM characteristic

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Benefits for Contractors

Never worry about customer complaints again with the most accurate control valve on the market

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