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No Confusing Display

Just A Set Of Simple Buttons

E-Pro requires no display with confusing operating processes that would turn time programming into a complicated and baffling procedure. E-Pro has been so designed that programming is as easy as ABC and can be carried out virtually “as you pass by.”

Using E-Pro means that the programmed temperature setting always takes place exactly at the required time – and yet you do not have to actually state a time when programming the adaptor. The ingenious E-Pro with its sophisticated system functions without such assistance.

If you wish to cancel the programmed details for a certain time (e.g. because a few days will be spent at home), this will present no problem for E-Pro. The sliding switch simply has to be moved to the “Off” position – and then room temperatures will be permanently regulated to values of normal heating operations just by the thermostatic valve in its own right. When E-Pro is then at a later date once again activated by sliding the switch to the “On” position, the program, which was originally set, automatically resumes operation.

E-Pro – the simplest method of operating, which can be mastered by absolutely everybody from the word go. Constantly reading through the instruction manual (a typical phenomenon in the case of countless electronic regulating systems) is really not necessary when you are kitted out with E-Pro.


  1. Sliding switch – On/Off
  2. Light emitting diode (LED) confirming operation process
  3. Operational status indicator – Red/Blue
  4. “Set-back operation” button
  5. “Normal operation” button