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A Flexible Range for all System Conditions

The TA-FUS1ON range covers an extensive series of dimensions, each available with or without integrated Dp controller, to cover all system needs. Each TA-FUS1ON valve can be supplied with the corresponding actuator and uniquely adapted to system conditions ensuring the best control valve characteristic whatever the Kvs adjustment.

Larger dimensions with inline design

The range’s larger dimensioned valves (DN 65 to DN 150) feature an innovative inline design. This enables precision control and low noise generation even at high flows, while saving space and installation/insulation costs.

More options for your Dp control tool kit

The TA-FUSION-C valves can be combined with standalone Dp controllers to ensure optimal Dp control. Or, if system conditions are such that Dp control is required directly over the control valve, then the TA-FUSION-P is a pressure independent combined control and balancing valve variant with independent EQM characteristics and an integrated, independent Dp controller.

TA Actuators, the perfect match for the perfect fusion

TA-FUSION range valves are complemented by IMI Hydronic Engineering’ equally high-performing proportional actuators (e.g. 24V, 230V, fail safe) for accurate modulating or 3-point control. Automatic stroke adaptation plus load-dependent end position switch-off help to reduce commissioning time and prevent overloading. The actuators can be easily accessed (i.e. without tools) and parameters can be simply changed onsite without a laptop.