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Never before has there been such an opportunity to benefit from experience.

No other company is covering so much ground in the realm of hydronic distribution systems than TA Hydronics. No longer is there a need for there to be a multitude of companies involved with the construction or renovation of a hydronic system. You can now find all the knowledge, products and expertise that you could possibly need from one source. We are paving the way in this regard.

TA Hydronics运用独特的行业和客户洞察力驱动着深入研发计划

Our commitment to innovate is based on finding the right answers to relevant issues within hydronic distribution. Close collaboration with our customers has given us real insight into their present and future needs. This steers our development of new solutions and services and makes sure the work we do is always for your benefit.


我们一直以优化整个系统效率为目的对研发进行大量投资。TA Hydronics由三个领域组合而成,因此具有行业内独特的研发力量。作为一家真正的跨国公司,我们为开发新产品方案动用广泛的专业技术和经验资源。同时,整合世界各地的TA Hydronics技术支持中心独一无二的自我创新能力。



我们致力于研发更好的水力技术,正在使用“in line design”方式改良阀体设计。这项技术形成流线型流体,通过缩小产品尺寸和重量得以提高效率、降低气蚀风险、减少噪音和方便安装,增加客户利益。这只是关于TA Hydronics创新服务于客户利益的众多例子之一。