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这里我们提供有关TA-Select, TA Shunt和TA-Pocket可下载的软件和大量信息,以及TA-CBI软件的更新。
  • Introducing HyTools

    The all-in-one app for all your hydronic calculation needs
  • EasyPlan

    Easy Plan简化小型散热器系统的阀门选型和制图。界面友好,令使用者可从分支系统图直接快速进行计算。只需几步即可完成预设散热器阀门,Multibox产品,以及管路平衡阀的计算。
  • HySelect

  • Introducing IMI Hydronic Engineering Revit plugin

    IMI Hydronic Engineering Revit plugin software allows users to export product models from MagiCAD database to Revit.
  • Hecos by IMI Hydronic Engineering Version 4.00.23

    Hecos stands for heating and cooling systems - one program for all HVAC waterborne systems. This software, developed on IMIhes solid basis, has more than 10 years experience behind.