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TA Wireless method

The wireless method is a new, fast and easy balancing method that involves simultaneous measurements with two Dp sensors.

One person with a single TA-SCOPE handheld instrument and two Dp Sensors can balance large, complex systems.


To apply the method, match the flow ratios displayed on screen for each valve.

  Each valve only needs to be accessed 1-2 times, which speeds up the balancing process.

Get started with the TA-Wireless method

Before you start, make sure that the TA-SCOPE is set in 2 Dp Sensor mode.

  1. Connect one of the Dp-sensors to the reference valve (Nr 5).
  2. Preset the reference valve as instructed by the instrument:
    • The presetting value if calculated with TA Select. Otherwise setting for 3 kPa at design flow.
  3. Check that the flow ratio is high enough (>90% if valves are open).
  4. Connect the other Dp-sensor to the first upstream-valve (Nr 4).
  5. Measure the flow.
  6. Adjust valve (Nr 4) until its flow ratio = the flow ratio in the reference valve.
  7. Perform step 4 to 6 for each valve in the module and adjust the partner valve at the end.
For more information on how to use TA-SCOPE and its associated Wireless and Diagnostic methods, please contact your IMI Hydronic Engineering representative for a demonstration.