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TA Diagnostic method

The new diagnostic method enables more straightforward hydronic network troubleshooting.

  • One person with a single TA-SCOPE handheld instrument and one Dp Sensor can diagnose large, complex systems.
  • Each module requires two measurements to be performed on each valve as well as one measurement on the partner valve.
  • A Dp map is automatically provided as part of the diagnostics for the circuits and distribution pipe pressure drops.
  • The balancing solution also includes the valve settings.

How it works?

Actions on each valve :

  1. Measure the current flow
  2. Shut the valve
  3. Measure the pressure drop
  4. Re-open the valve

Actions on the partner valve :

  1. Shut the valve
  2. Measure the differential pressure

TA-SCOPE calculates and displays:

  • the required valve openings
  • the Dp of the distribution pipes and circuits that will exist when/if the design flows are achieved
  • the performed TA-Diagnostic measurements
For more information on how to use TA-SCOPE and its associated Wireless and Diagnostic methods, please contact your IMI Hydronic Engineering representative for a demonstration.