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Hecos stands for heating and cooling systems - one program for all HVAC waterborne systems. This software, developed on IMIhes solid basis, has more than 10 years experience behind. Software is available in English, Czech, Hungarian, Russian, German, Swedish and Turkish version.

What can you get

Hecos is fully graphical computer program that helps you to design heating and cooling waterborn systems in the technically correct, most economical and efficient way.

It makes it easy to calculate ALL parts of hydronic loops including terminal units, valves, pumps and pipes sizes.

The only requirements are to provide the parameters of the building: you just need to describe the building, rooms and temperatures as well as to define what the system should look like.

In return you can get required pump head, detailed lists of optimally sized components, water volume of the system for further pressurisation unit calculation, full system specification and most importantly full plant‘s scheme to print out or export it into CAD program.

  • Easy to modify the calculation parameters and get the new results.
  • Interactive communication between the drawing and result sheets.
  • Availability of software application for one pipe radiator system as well as a reverse return system.
  • Joint drawing for the software showing the heating and the cooling network (e.g. 4-pipe fan coil system).
  • Glycol correction.


Hydronic network calculation with optimized pipe sizes, control valves with minimum authority, balancing valves with calculated presetting.

The full drawing of plant’s scheme.

Selection of:
- Radiators and other terminal units
- Pipes
- Thermostatic valves and radiator lockshields
- Balancing valves
- Dp controllers, overflow valves
- Control valves
- Control loops
- Thermostatic and lockshield valves (including the valve inserts of special radiators)
- Flow control valves
- PIBCV valves

IMIhecos includes useful information such as:
- A database of most often used radiators.
- A database including all IMI Hydronic Engineering products
- A pipe database including most frequently used pipe series
- A insulation database including most frequently used product series

And much more....