TA-Modulator with TA-Slider - the gateway to the digital world

What is TA- Modulator?

The innovative TA-Modulator is the new highly precise pressure independent balancing and control valve (PIBCV) for perfect temperature comfort in all heating and cooling applications.

  • Specially designed for modulating control with proportional actuators TA-Slider 160 or EMO-TM.
  • The uniquely shaped EQM characteristic (patent pending) allows TA-Modulator to work with 6x higher operating stroke than linear valves at the same flow which provides high controllability and precision in temperature control.


What is TA-Slider?

TA-Slider is a new digitally configurable actuator range from IMI-TA, the brand behind the world’s leading hydronic control and balancing valves. It is specially designed for use with all control systems, both with and without BUS communication.

Unique features

  • Full digital configuration by smartphone 
  • 10x more setup variants than with conventional actuators
  • Perfect compatibility with all control systems
  • Works in all positions thanks to IP54 protection
  • Configurable binary input and relay
  • Compatible with KNX BUS systems


Digitally configurable Input and Output signals

The in-built digital technology allows you ultimate freedom in configuring your actuator, with 10x more programming variants than standard actuators. Additionally, at the touch of a button you can adjust any setting remotely by KNX* BUS communication.

You can configure:

  • Input signals (0-10, 10-0, 2-10, 10-2 VDC)
  • Split range of input signal 0-5, 5-0, 5-10 or 10-5, 0-4.5, 4.5-0, 5.5-10 or 10-5.5 VDC
  • Output signal (0-10, 10-0, 2-10, 10-2 VDC)

Examples of split ranges:

IP54 gives freedom and peace of mind

The IP54 certification for all installing positions verifies TA-Slider’s high protection and durability against water and dirt particles.

Your benefits:

  • prolonged longevity of the actuators
  • freedom in installation positions

TA-Slider 160 is uniquely 360° compatible and can even be installed with TA-Modulator in a downwards position, as is common in ceilings.

Commissioning without stress and panic

Outstanding measurement and diagnostic features differentiate IMI TA products from other manufacturers on the market.

TA-Modulator combined with TA-Slider provides not only precise temperature control but also the perfect combination of control valve and actuator to commission any system right the first time.

If any problems may occur during installation or commissioning, you can quickly diagnose which particular source may be causing a malfunction. This results in huge savings in time and nerves whilst also increasing your professional reputation.

TA-Modulator will effectively measure and diagnose:

  • Flow
  • Water temperature
  • Pressure drop
  • Available pressure


TA-Slider helps you by:

  • Unique tracking of the last 10 errors
  • Multi-color LED (RED-heating mode /BLUE-cooling mode/VIOLET - error)
  • Smoothly adjustable sensitivity 0.1-0.5 VDC for input signals. Ensures the flexibility to fine-tune settings to ensure full compatibility with building automation systems.
  • Full access via smartphone to all operating statistics kept in TA-Slider.


Programmable binary input and relay

This reduces the complexity in planning, simplifies wiring and increases energy efficiency.

What is binary input?

Potential free contact which can activate a number of actions configurable by smartphone. For example, change the flow through TA-Modulator when a window is open. The actual flow can be decreased or valve can be fully shut.

What is relay?

Auxiliary switch controlled by TA-Slider to switch On or Off external devices, alarms etc. For example, to switch pump off when TA-Modulator is fully closed.

Application examples

Office/Hotel room

The requirement:

Precise temperature control of fan-coils with focus on maximizing energy savings, higher reliability and quieter operation. 

What do you need?

  • TA-Modulator
  • TA-Slider 160 Plus
  • Window on/off contact
  • Controller 24 VAC/VDC with proportional input signal (VDC or mA)


How it works:

A programmable binary input is connected to the window contact. When the window is opened, the binary contact is activated and TA-Modulator closes heating and/or cooling.

The behaviour of TA-Slider is freely configurable - a freely configurable relay can be used to send a signal to BMS to switch off the fan-coil.

Your benefits:

  • Precise temperature control
  • Highly energy efficient operation
  • Monitoring of real valve position via output signal
  • Simpler wiring with less components


Office with change-over system common heating and cooling piping

What do you need?

  • TA-Modulator
  • TA-Slider 160 Plus
  • External temperature sensor with switch
  • Change-over room temperature controller with proportional input signal


How it works:

Temperature sensor monitors the temperature of the supply pipe and switches contact when cooling regime is active. This in turn activates the binary input of TA-Slider. The actuator accordingly adjusts design flow through TA-Modulator for cooling regime. Manual change of setting is not needed.


Your benefits:

  • Low investment costs by simplified piping and less number of control valves and actuators, less expensive fan-coil with single coil
  • Perfect hydronic balancing of both regimes, heating and cooling
  • Automatic flow adjustment
  • Simpler wiring with less control hardware

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