Naša spletna stran uporablja piškotke, da bi bolje ustrezala vašim zahtevam. Pravilna konfiguracija možnosti brskalnika omogoča blokiranje ali brisanje piškotkov, lahko pa tudi povzroči, da spletna stran ne deluje pravilno ali sploh ne deluje. Z nadaljnjo uporabo te spletne strani, brez spreminjanja nastavitev brskalnika, se strinjate z uporabo piškotkov.

Več o naši politiki zasebnosti in piškotkih.

Kviz Vpogled v energetsko učinkovitost

A little insight pays

Are you aware of all the energy saving opportunities available to you? Take the Energy Insights Quiz and find out.

Let’s turn buildings into energy savers – it just takes insight

It’s time to transform the role of buildings from energy wasters to energy savers.  Making a difference starts with gaining insight into the saving opportunities hidden in every building.

A revolution in attitudes has begun with increasing global awareness of climate change. In order to fight against the changing climate outside, we need to start by changing the climate inside. Buildings must – and can – become more efficient.

40% of the world's energy is used in buildings

Buildings are where a significant share of our society’s energy is used. They are therefore also an optimal place to start saving. Upgrading an existing HVAC system, or designing a new one for greater efficiency, is one of the most effective ways to reduce a building's energy costs and carbon footprint. In fact, 50% of a building's energy consumption is consumed by the HVAC system. Optimising it can save up to 30% of that energy.

This also translates into financial benefit: energy efficient, ‘green’ buildings have a vacancy rate of only 3% versus the market average 10-15% (lNG real estate).

At TA Hydronics we know that a sustainable hydronic system is the key to ensuring all-round greater building energy efficiency. We take pride in sharing the insights and providing the products and insights that enable our customers to take effective action – and exploit the full saving potential inside.

Gain even more insight

If you would like to learn more about how to save energy and energy-related costs, we have a lot more to offer:

Sign up for an Energy Insights Seminar at, or contact your local IMI Hydronic Engineering representative to find out how to join a seminar near you.

At our website you can also read a variety of case studies into some of our many energy saving efforts around the world – along with many more fascinating insights about energy savings in HVAC systems.