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Potable water

Our specially designed range of valves and expansion vessels for drinking water are made from certified and approved materials which fulfill the strict legal requirements for quality and hygiene. Safety and control are imperative in potable water systems and the right valves help to ensure there is never any compromise. In our range you can find our Globo D shut-off valves, known for their longevity and reliability, TA-MIX mixing thermostatic valves used in hot potable water systems to mix cold and hot water, helping to protect people against scalding. Not to forget our range of Aquapresso expansion vessels which help to ensure the quality and freshness of drinking water.

Choose the right product for your application below!

  • Shut-off valves


    • Globo D

      The Globo D is used in drinking water applications as a multifunctional shut-off valve. Thanks to the compact working radius of th...

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  • Hot water temperature control


    • TA-MIX

      Thermostatic mixing valve for control of domestic hot water supply or of similar smaller systems.

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  • Pressure control for hot water tank


    • Aquapresso

      Expansion vessels with fixed gas cushion for drinking water systems. The airproof butyl bag, made from special butyl rubber and su...

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