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Saving Energy With E-Pro

A course of action that pays off

Model calculations have demonstrated that a set-back phase lasting 9 hours is able to achieve an energy saving of 10 per cent. This is the clear proof that anyone who consistently incorporates E-Pro into his heating arrangements and who programs such a heating system to suit prevailing conditions of use does not only contribute greatly towards protection of the environment but also saves himself a great deal of money, especially when one considers today’s astronomical energy costs.

E-Pro also saves a considerable amount of energy when people forget to turn back the thermostatic valve when they give a room a quick, short blast of air, as is so frequently the case. But E-Pro recognises and registers a sharp and sudden drop in ambient temperature when the room is given a quick airing and the device reacts accordingly. It counters such a situation for at least 15 minutes by implementing its emergency program, i.e. it automatically and independently switches over to set-back mode for ca. a quarter of an hour. This kind of quick sharp burst of fresh air should in any case not last any longer than that.

During the set-back phase the operational status indicator is blue and the LED flashes on briefly every 8 seconds. This warning signal is intended to be a reminder to turn down the thermostatic valve, which actually makes sense in such a situation. It also serves to remind people that the quick sharp burst of fresh air (which is only supposed to last for a few minutes) should soon be ended.

E-Pro Window

The set-back period initiated as a result of the open window recognition system is terminated after 15 minutes. E-Pro then returns to operating along the lines of the pre-set program.