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Ideal For Retrofitting

E-Pro is the energy-saving turbo for existing thermostatic valves

E-Pro is not only the natural accompaniment for thermostatic valves that are being newly fitted. It is also ideal for the retrofitting of existing Heimeier thermostatic valves.

Because of the very long service life of IMI Hydronic Engineering thermostatic valves, it makes sense to continue using the existing thermostatic valve when fitting the E-Pro device in order to optimise the regulating of room temperature.

This is particularly true in combination with remote sensors or remote dials. In such cases E-Pro really is the perfect solution since, apart from adding the time adaptor device, absolutely nothing has to be altered. Costly or time-consuming working on a special system for the regulating situation is not necessary. Everything remains as reliable and dependable as it always was. And this is another factor that saves expense.

This combination of old and new – after quick and easy installation (unscrew the thermostatic head, mount E-Pro, screw back the thermostatic head) – immediately turns into an energy-saving turbo machine, which very soon proves its weight in gold.

Should the thermostatic valve be older than 20 years, then the installing of a new head would be a consideration. Not only would this jazz up the appearance of the overall fixture but it would also improve the regulating accuracy of the device as the new thermostatic heads have made great advances over those of earlier generations. Yet another aspect of the IMI Hydronic Engineering product range that leads to the additional saving of money.


Even if the existing thermostatic valve does not have the M 30 x 1.5 connection, in most cases E-Pro can still be fitted by using adaptors.