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Thermostatic head K with contact or immersion sensor

For medium temperature control with thermostatic valve bodies and three-way valves in heating or cooling systems.

Informações do Produto

For medium temperature control

For medium temperature control with thermostatic valve bodies and three-way valves in heating or cooling systems.

Key features

Precise temperature control media

In volume and mixing control

Models with different setpoint areas

Suitable for various applications

Version with immersion sensor

Fast response time (about 3 to 5 seconds)

Liquid-filled contact or immersion sensor

For accurate control

Technical description


Heating and cooling systems.
The thermostatic heads 6402-00/6402-09/6412/6602/6662 can be used in conjunction with a heat conducting base as a contact sensor or with an immersion sleeve as an immersion sensor.

Thermostatic head 6672 as an immersion sensor without immersion sleeve. Sealed to the capillary tube via clamping joints.


Medium temperature control with thermostatic valve bodies and three-way valves.
Temperature range is limited on both ends and can be blocked using covered stop clips.

Control behavior:

Proportional controller without auxilliary energy. Liquid-filled thermostat. High pressure power, lowest hysteresis, optimal closing time.

Nominal temperature range:

The setting range is
10° C to 40° C,
20° C to 50° C,
20° C to 70° C,
40° C to 70° C or
60° C to 90° C.


Maximum sensor temperature
50° C with thermostatic head 6412,
60° C with thermostatic head 6402,
80° C with thermostatic head 6602,
90° C with thermostatic head 6672 and
100° C with thermostatic head 6662.

Specific extension:

6402 / 6602 / 6412 / 6662:
0.17 mm/K,
0.10 mm/K,
Valve stroke limiter.


ABS, PA6.6GF30, brass, steel,
Liquid-filled thermostat.
Heat conducting base made of aluminum.


White RAL 9016


Setting numbers.


Suitable for installation on all HEIMEIER thermostatic valve bodies, three-way reversing valves and three-way mixing valves.

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