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Regutec F

The Regutec F lockshield is used in pumped warm water heating and air conditioning systems.

Informações do Produto

Radiator lockshield

The Regutec F lockshield is used in pumped warm water heating and air conditioning systems.

Key features

Easy to operate with an allen key size 5 AF

Presettable by means of shut-off and regulation cone

Technical description


Heating and cooling systems.




DN 10-20

Pressure class:

PN 10


Max. working temperature: 120°C
Min. working temperature: -10°C


Valve body: Brass
Valve insert: Brass
Spindle: Brass
O-rings: EPDM

Surface treatment:

Valve body and fittings are nickel-plated.


Dimensions according to DIN EN 215 (Series F).

Pipe connection:

The female-threaded version is designed for connection to threaded pipe, or in conjunction with compression fittings, to copper precision steel or multi-layer pipe (only DN 15). The male-threaded version, in conjunction with the appropriate compression fittings, permits connection to plastic pipe.

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