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Easy Balancing – at your fingertips!

Why should you care about balancing your system? Balanced systems are up to 35% more efficient than non-balanced ones, therefore it brings an enormous potential of energy savings with quick payback to the customer.

So, if the potential is so high, why are up to 90% of systems not properly balanced?

That is because it is not such a straightforward task. For accurate balancing calculations, you need to know the system structure and pipe lengths.  Frequently these parameters are unknown, leading to assumptions, incorrect schemes and ultimately to unbalanced systems. 

But, there is an easy solution: AFC technology

With the objective of counteracting the uncertainty factors and make system balancing less of a hassle, IMI Heimeier developed the Automatic Flow Control (AFC) technology – unique in the industry.

How does it work?

The technology is encapsulated in a valve insert and installed directly at the heat consumer – radiator or radiant application.

The insert automatically controls the maximum flow rate, independent of the differential pressure at the valve. It ensures the flow rate once set is not exceeded and the optimal heat distribution throughout the entire system.

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Discover AFC technology for radiator applications: Eclipse