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TA Hydronics has become …… IMI Hydronic Engineering!

Our leading product brands – Pneumatex, TA & Heimeier have for years been part of the IMI plc Group. First united under the TA Hydronics brand in 2011, they will now continue under the IMI Hydronic Engineering umbrella.

We are the industry leader in green solutions for indoor climate control, providing high performing and quality products and services to more efficiently protect and control HVAC systems.

Why IMI Hydronic Engineering?

The change to IMI Hydronic Engineering better reflects the alignment of our company on a global scale with IMI plc and the other two divisions which belong to the group. This includes the implementation of a new visual identity. The fresh new look is designed to signal our greater focus on providing our customers with even better products, quality & service.

What can you expect from us?

At the heart of our strategy remain our product brands:

Pressurisation & Water Quality

IMI Pneumatex

Balancing & Control


Thermostatic Control

IMI Heimeier

We will continue to innovate and develop new solutions within these competency areas and our focus remains on delivering the best quality and highest performing products and services to your HVAC installation, at the time you need them. With experience in over 100,000 different projects worldwide, you can rely on us to support you whatever the size or type of project. Our team are always ready to share their knowledge of hydronics with you.

Carry on to our product section to find GREAT solutions from our leading brands