Whilst on-off control is a good solution and suitable for most building projects, there is an even better solution: Modulating control.

Specialists in the HVAC sector prefer control valves with EQM characteristic due to their great ability to control small flows up to 20 % when up to 50 % power is needed.

Most air-conditioning systems are oversized to withstand a few peak days in the year - a flow rate of 100 %, as offered by conventional on-off valves, is therefore only required in rare cases.

As TA-Modulator always provides just the required flow rate to actually achieve the desired comfortable temperature, the installation of such a valve offers an extremely high potential for energy savings. 

And that comes along with lots of advantages:

  • Highly precise temperature control. Get the perfect room comfort without temperature oscillations. 
  • Minimal energy consumption. Modern precise technology delivers only the necessary amount of energy to keep the desired temperature constant and stable with positive impact on the overall energy efficiency – providing energy savings up to 18%*. 
  • A quiet and reliable system without customer complaints. Accurate control provides the desired comfort and reduces total flow in the installation which helps to minimize the risk of noisy operations. 

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The new PIBCV TA-Modulator has especially been developed to fulfill high requirements of modern heating and cooling applications.

Its compatibility with the new fully customizable digital actuator range TA-Slider brings new opportunities for easier and smarter control and balancing in the buildings using BUS communication and also in those using conventional BMS systems. Both innovations save time and costs during planning, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance.

The key to this innovation is the revolutionary insert with uniquely shaped EQM characteristic (patent pending) which provides outstanding ability to precisely control even very small flows. TA-Modulator also works perfectly with oversized coils which require much less flow than initially requested. The operating stroke is higher than the stroke of linear valves working with the same flow.

Our crafted metal called “Ametal®” – ensures incredible product longevity. By combining the built-in pressure controller, automatic hydronic balancing, precise temperature control and excellent measuring and diagnostic capabilities,

TA-Modulator is the first valve for modulating control you can simply forget once installed.



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