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A flexible compression coupling for PEX-pipes in tap water and heating systems.

Informazioni sui prodotti

Compression coupling for PEX-pipes

A flexible compression coupling for PEX-pipes in tap water and heating systems.

Key features

External threads

For faster and easier installation, the KOMBI-PX is equipped with external pipe threads, enabling it to connect to most TA valves in DN 10-20, including radiator, ball and balancing valves.

Technical description


Tapwater and heating systems.
Process systems where the media does not affect the incoming material.


Compression coupling for reinforced polyethylene pipes (PEX-pipe, SS-EN ISO 15875).

Pressure class:

PN 10/PN 6


Max. working temperature: 95°C


Thrust screw: AMETAL® or brass
Cone: Brass
Support bush: AMETAL®

AMETAL® is the dezincification resistant alloy of IMI Hydronic Engineering.

Surface treatment:

Thrust screws nickel plated.

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