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Munkaerőnk képzése

​​Attracting high-quality people is just the first step – encouraging a collaborative working environment that drives them to show initiative, integrity and imagination is fundamental to our success.

Focussing on professional development

Personal and professional development is hugely important to us. We believe that with the right training and support we can develop high-value employees that add value to the business and help develop GREAT HVAC solutions.

Our comprehensive training and development programmes encourage our people to maximise their skills and experience, fulfil their potential and help us grow. Collaboration is a critical component of our people development strategy. We believe that when every part of the business pulls together we can achieve amazing things; amazing things built on foundations laid by our people’s creativity, flexibility and willingness to go the extra mile to get it right for them, right for the business and right for our customers.

Robust development programmes

We depend on a strong talent pipeline to maintain our position as the world’s leading hydronic solutions company. But we know we can’t stand still. If we are to stay at the forefront of the industry we need to have in place effective and rewarding development programmes that make the most of our talent.

In 2015 we launched a series of programmes that deliver relevant training and learning opportunities across the business.

Our aim is to improve: 

  • senior management succession – ensuring that our people have the skills, knowledge and determination to progress their careers within the business
  • core supervisory and front-line management skills – encouraging management to identify training and development needs and support employee improvement across the business
  • technical capabilities – we’ve strengthened our graduate programmes to not only attract the best people but to help them develop the broad range of skills they need for a successful career.

Innovative learning opportunities 

We take an innovative approach to developing industry-leading hydronic solutions and a similarly innovative approach to developing our people. We provide a wide variety of e-learning and more traditional learning opportunities, including:

  • a dedicated e-learning portal, IMI Learn, offering multiple short courses to help our people develop a range of business skills
  • professional development opportunities, such as our ‘One hour manager’ courses aimed at fostering collaboration, personal development and good business practice
  • ongoing innovation workshops and carousel events to encourage knowledge sharing and gain full value from our people’s skills and experience
  • extensive development and training programmes focussing on a range of subjects over several weeks. 

Ensuring a free-flowing internal talent pipeline

We’re also working hard to develop the next generation of managers by accelerating employee personal development. You can find out more about our Operations Fast Track initiative here. 

Does this sound like the kind of place to build a career? ​

We’re always happy to hear from GREAT people that fit our candidate profile and could prove to be a real asset to IMI Hydronic Engineering. If you’d like to learn more about working with us, get in touch directly or head over to our apply page​ and take your first steps on the road to a rewarding career. ​