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Karrierlehetőség magasan képzett szakembereknek

Your skills could be exactly what we need. Our products have an enviable reputation for quality, reliability and efficiency. We’re committed to ensuring that our people do too.

High-quality people creating high-quality solutions

If you’re dedicated to what you do and can bring the skills, knowledge and experience we need to stay ahead of the competition then you could be exactly the person we’re looking for. We need people who are professional in their outlook, GREAT at what they do and capable of adding value to the business as a whole.

If you join us you’ll become part of a team that develops innovative technologies and products that help to make the world a cleaner, more efficient and more sustainable place. We’ll help you build on your existing skill set, create opportunities for career progression and play a big part in maintaining IMI Hydronic Engineering’s place as the industry-leading provider of innovative HVAC products and solutions. 

Discovering talent and nurturing development 

We’re looking for people with drive, commitment and talent who can help us grow as a business. You’ll need ability and a ‘can do’ attitude and you’ll also need to be a team player that adds value wherever you’re working. In return we’ll invest in your personal development and help you build a career here at IMI Hydronic Engineering. 

We have recently implemented a range of initiatives and development programmes to help nurture your professional growth, as well as an integrated online learning portal. We believe that through encouraging professional development and providing a range of opportunities to help our people develop new skills and competencies we can grow as a company and as professionals.