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Multibox 4

RTL and K-RTLMultibox 4 RTL and K-RTL is used for decentralized control of underfloor heating. Due to the additional supply shut-off heating surfaces can be locked individually.

Informacije o proizvodima

Flush individual room control for floor heating systems with supply shut-off


Multibox 4 RTL and K-RTL is used for decentralized control of underfloor heating. Due to the additional supply shut-off heating surfaces can be locked individually.

Multibox 4 RTL and K-RTL

Key features

Additional supply pipe shut-off with vent valve

Cover with concealed screw connection

For out-of-true installation offsetting up to 6° on each side

Adjustable fitting for all wall structures, 30 mm depth compensation

Technical description


Floor heating systems, wall heating systems, combined floor/radiator heating systems


Multibox 4 RTL:
Maximum limitation of the return temperature,
Multibox 4 K-RTL:
Individual room temperature control,
Maximum limitation of the return temperature,
Presetting (V-exact II),
All Multibox 4 models are equipped with an additional supply shut-off incl. vent valve. Heating surfaces can be shut-off individually.


Valve body DN 15.
The flush box has an overall depth of 60 mm.
Flexible mounting thanks to variable spacing between flush box and cover of up to 30 mm.
The cover can compensate for slanted mounting of the flush box of up to 6° on each side.
See also Dimensions.

Pressure class:

PN 10

Setting range:

Thermostatic head K: 6 °C to 28 °C
Return temperature limiter RTL: 0 °C to 50 °C


Max. working temperature: 90°C
Min. working temperature: 2°C
For all Multibox models, ensure that the system supply temperature is suitable for setting up the floor heating system.
See also Information!


Valve body: Corrosion resistant Gunmetal
O-rings: EPDM rubber
Valve disc: EPDM rubber
Return spring: Stainless steel
Valve insert: Brass, PPS (polyphenylsulphide)
Spindle: Niro-steel spindle with double O-ring sealing. The outer O-ring can be replaced under pressure.
Plastic parts of ABS and PA.
Sensor element: Thermostatic head K with liquid filled sensor. Return temperature limiter (RTL) filled with an expansible medium.

Surface treatment:

All models optionally with cover and visible graduation cap in white RAL 9016 or chrome-plated.


THE, flow direction arrows.

Pipe connection:

Pipe-side G 3/4 adaptor with cone suitable for compression fittings for plastic, copper, precision steel and multi-layer pipe.

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