Tällä verkkosivustolla käytetään evästeitä parantamaan sivustoa ja paremman selailukokemuksen tarjoamiseksi. Jos valitset "jatka" tai jatkat sivuston selailua valintojasi muokkaamatta, suostut siihen, että käytämme evästeitä. Katso lisää evästekäytännöstämme ja evästeistä kieltäytymisestä klikkaamalla tästä

Swift And Simple

Mounting is so straightforward

E-Pro fits all IMI Hydronic Engineering thermostatic valve bodies and all radiators with integrated valves that have the M30 x 1.5 IMI Heimeier connection. Existing IMI Heimeier thermostatic heads can continue to be used; they simply have to be unscrewed for the mounting of E-Pro.

For all heads

Because basically all the thermostatic heads found in the IMI Heimeier range can be used in combination with E-Pro, every possible wish and requirement regarding sensors, colour schemes etc, can be fulfilled.

And thanks to the fact that IMI Heimeier has never altered the size of the connection linking valve and head, the chances are very great that you can begin using E-Pro very quickly and therefore begin saving energy immediately. In Germany, for example, E-Pro can be combined with approximately every second thermostatic valve – that’s how great IMI Hydronic Engineering's share is in the number of valves currently in operation in buildings.

Cleverly designed for elegance

The implementation of a connecting piece enables the mounting of E-Pro to be carried out as near as possible to the valve or to a radiator with an integrated valve.

Attractive housing covers the battery compartment and also cleverly disguises the locking ring, i.e. the lower section of the thermostatic head. Only the hand wheel cap remains visible. And it is possible to lay the capillary tube of heads with remote sensors under the covering.


  • Connection M 30 x 1.5
  • Ideal for retrofitting Existing heads can continue to be used
  • For all IMI HEIMEIER heads with remote sensors, Design Line