Tällä verkkosivustolla käytetään evästeitä parantamaan sivustoa ja paremman selailukokemuksen tarjoamiseksi. Jos valitset "jatka" tai jatkat sivuston selailua valintojasi muokkaamatta, suostut siihen, että käytämme evästeitä. Katso lisää evästekäytännöstämme ja evästeistä kieltäytymisestä klikkaamalla tästä

Extremely Low Noise Levels

And Batteries Last For 5 Years

In contrast to many electronic regulating systems, E-Pro’s motor is only required to be in operation during the programmed switching- over points. This means that the constant hum of a motor just isn’t the case with E-Pro.

Another advantage of the combination of thermostatic valve and time adaptor is that this does not require temperature measuring in any predetermined time frame. The sensor in the thermostatic head can constantly carry out this task – even without the need for any form of external energy. And such unbroken regulating of temperature is the kind of regulating that is especially accurate.

Similarly no energy is needed to operate the valve. This procedure also occurs without any external source of energy, thanks to the link up with the thermostatic valve.

The thermostatic valve, well-known for its high restoring force, also means that E-Pro can work well without the socalled “anti-limescale protection function.” E-pro does not require the regular opening and closing of the valve in order to avoid sticking after a longer shut-off phase.

And the final icing on the cake is the following, very pleasant side-effect of all this: the minimal period when the motor is in use – thanks to the regulating of temperature without the need for any external energy or the fact that E-Pro can dispense with the anti-limescale function – means that batteries enjoy extremely long durability. Perfect regulating of temperature for approximately five years – only after such a long time do you first even have to start thinking about renewing the batteries.