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Even Quicker, Even Easier

Programming with the E-Pro stick

E-Pro is so versatile. And therefore it is also possible to program this time adaptor in an alternative way, which is still most convenient and tremendously quick. Enter the E-Pro stick. Thanks to this newly developed device, time frames that have been entered up on a PC can be swiftly and easily transferred to the E-Pro adaptor.

A day’s or a week’s program – the easy-to-read set of symbols will fast-track you to the required time frame. Simply connect the E-Pro stick to a USB port, transfer the data onto the stick and then plug in this ingenious stick into the purpose-designed socket on the lower side of the E-Pro time adaptor. It just remains to press the stick’s button – and the E-Pro has then been fed with your own personalised time program.

The E-Pro stick – an ideal product for houses or buildings equipped with several E-Pros. In this way all rooms fitted with an E-Pro time adaptor can be programmed in a flash.

In addition to this quick and simple programming method, the E-Pro stick also offers a wealth of other functions. One example would be the way it can lock the control panel so that the buttons cannot be operated, thus avoiding any unplanned changes to the programming. It is also possible to use it to save on your PC tried-and-tested time schedules for individual rooms. In this way, for example, time schedules for the children’s school holidays can be saved and then, when needed, can be once again quickly activated at short notice.

E-Pro Software

And, incidentally, it must be mentioned that the German consumer magazine, Stiftung Warentest, believes the combination of E-Pro and the E-Pro stick offers excellent benefits. During the latest tests carried out (5/2008), this combination shot into the top group of all the seven products tested, achieving the overall rating of “GOOD”.