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A Different Routine At The Weekend?

No Problem!

Instead of programming heating periods just for one day, E-Pro offers the option of fixing a heating program stretching over a whole week. This means you can really take full advantage of, for example, a different routine during the weekend (sleeping longer, children not at school, etc.).


In order to set such a schedule, the programming switch located under the adaptor’s housing cover has to be changed from the “day” to the “week” position.

The principle of programming, however, remains the same and it is just as easy as the programming procedure for a single day. Every push-button “order” for a period of seven days will be learnt and saved by E-Pro. And then the made-tomeasure regulating pattern can be repeated every week.


EA typical example of a week’s programming. Getting up earlier on weekdays or going to bed later on Saturday and Sunday have been taken into account here.