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Time Programming With E-Pro

E-Pro Makes Time Programming So Easy And Yet So Effective

With the innovative invention of E-Pro, IMI Heimeier has created a completely new dimension to the world of time programming for thermostatic valves.

E-Pro quite simply ensures an individually controlled and automatic regulating of room temperature, which can be mastered by everyone. It’s simple and so straightforward but is nevertheless extremely effective.

E-Pro is the perfect partner for IMI Heimeier thermostatic valves. Amazingly, this time adaptor allows an additional amount of up to 20% of energy to be saved. And when the current astronomically high heating costs are considered, it is undeniable that theE-Pro is a time adaptor that enables room temperature to be automatically dropped or again raised by as much as 4 °C at any one selected time. Consequently temperatures can be optimally adjusted to suit the individual ways and times in which rooms are used. And all this happens without having to manually turn up or down the thermostatic valve. It really is the ideal solution for rooms such as the bathroom, the kitchen, bedrooms and the nursery, which are only used at certain times and where, thus, energy is frequently wasted.

E-Pro Stiftung Warentest

A thermostatic valve plus E-Pro – a combination which not only saves a great deal of energy but is also an attractive feature in itself. And when married together with modern radiator styles, the result is a veritable eye-catcher worthy of true designer status.