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Useful Comments

Correct venting

Venting should not be used to control the room temperature but only to exchange stagnant air for oxygen-rich air. Venting should be short but intensive, i.e. windows should be fully opened for a short time. But during such venting the thermostatic head should be turned back to the antifrost protection position.

After venting the previous temperature setting can easily be found again when using the economy clips (marking, limitation).

Saving by using cost-free external heat

Such external heat sources are e.g. lamps, insolation, electric appliances, people staying in the room etc.

This external heat has an influence on the room temperature and, in turn, on the thermostatic valve.

Should the so generated heat in the room lead to a higher room temperature than the temperature setting on the thermostatic head, the thermostatic valve will shut off the hot water supply to the radiator and the radiator will cool off.