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Thermolux K thermostatic valves are autonomously operating temperature controllers which do not require any electric power supply or connection or any other kind of external energy. They serve to control the individual room temperature and, thus, save energy. The thermostatic valves allow different temperature settings which can be marked or temperature ranges be limited or settings be blocked respectively.

Thermolux K-thermostatic valves consist of the thermostatic head 1 and the thermostatic valve body 1.

If temperature rises e.g. due to insolation, electric appliances or people in the room, the liquid in the temperature sensor 1 will expand.

The corrugated tube 1 will be compressed and so throttles the water supply to the radiator by means of the valve spindle 1 in the valve seat 1. Should the room temperature drop the described procedure will be reversed. Therefore, the thermostatic head only needs actuation in order to change the individual setting of the room temperature.