Introducing the TA-Modulator range

The new precise Pressure Independent Balancing and Control Valve for modulating control.

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TA Modulator is the new highly precise pressure independent control valve for perfect temperature comfort in all heating and cooling applications.

The new valve insert with uniquely shaped EQM characteristic (patent pending) provides outstanding ability to precisely control even very small flows. TA-Modulator works also perfect with oversized coils which require much less flow than initially requested. The operating stroke is higher than the stroke of linear valves working with the same flow. TA-Modulator is compatible with less expensive linear motorized or thermal actuators and helps you save up to 18 %* of energy consumption

In contrast to other valves on the market, TA-Modulator is able to measure both the pressure and the true flow through the valve. It is therefore easier to verify the functionality of the installation before the handover, to correctly adjust the pumps in order to minimize energy costs and to locate any potential errors or malfunctions.

The new TA-Modulator is designed for proportional or 3-point control for all applications requiring perfect temperature comfort and high energy savings. 

More valve for money

* Hydronic College Energy Insights research

More valve for money.

*Hydronic College Energy Insights research


For those who love precision in control.

“Too hot!” “Too cold!” “Too noisy?” Call backs?

Never worry about any of these complaints again with the most accurate control valve on the market providing precise temperature control and the desired room comfort.

For those who love precision in control.

Saves up to 18 %* of annual energy consumption thanks to uniquely shaped EQM characteristic providing up to 6x higher operating stroke for accurate temperature control. 

Up to 6 times higher lift for precise control compared with linear valves.

For those who love savings.

Now you can reduce your energy bill up to 18 %* while creating the perfect temperature comfort with the most accurate control valve on the market.

All that without expensive actuators.

Key Features of TA-Modulator


Uniquely shaped EQM characteristics for modulating control. 

High precision in the whole range of flows reduces energy wastage and maximizes temperature comfort.


True measurement of flow and available pressure

Enables proper commissioning and correct pump head setting while achieving minimal pumping costs. Fast and easy optimisation and diagnostics.


Pressure independent flow limitation

Provides automatic hydronic balancing, high control authority and temperature stability and higher longevity of the actuator by minimizing the number of movements.


Technical Overview

See the full technical specification for TA-Modulator

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Benefits for Designers and Consultants

Save your clients up to 18% of annual energy consumption thanks to TA Modulator's uniquely shaped EQM characteristic

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