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Jever Residential Renovation

Delivering an energy saving hydronic solution to a residential renovation project in Jever, Germany


The Jever residential renovation project in North Germany comprises of 1300 apartments, with the aim of bringing full scale building modernisation to improve comfort levels and energy efficiency. This renovation of residential buildings in the real estate industry is currently becoming common practice, and focuses on combating heat loss. To achieve this, the concept of hydronic balancing is vital, so that the heated water is distributed in such a way that it is optimised in all apartments at all times.

The challenge on this project was to meet the required room temperature in all apartments, whilst avoiding over supply, to meet desired energy savings and provide a more economical system. One of IMI Hydronic Engineering’ tasks was to enable the condensing heaters to operate more efficiently using sufficiently low return temperatures, which can only be achieved through a balanced system. This was to be tested in an initial 52 apartments; then onwards to cover all 1,300, a venture worth £1million.


IMI Hydronic Engineering offered system design support from the early phases of the project, helping the customer to find the optimum solution by performing multiple hydronic calculations to meet the exact performance requirements.  IMI Hydronic Engineering also oversaw the commissioning of the system to ensure correct operation from day one. The total hydronic solution incorporated the full range of TA Hydronic’s products: expansion vessels, air and dirt separators, balancing valves, differential pressure controllers and thermostatic radiator valves.

Balancing the system, working with the customer from design through to installation and commissioning has proved a great success- delivering 20% energy savings. Currently, new modernisation projects are being worked on with the building owner, showing that the solution and support IMI Hydronic Engineering provides delivers the required results to the customer.