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List of reference cases

To find out more about IMI Hydronic Engineering' experience around the world, simply select the country or building-type of your interest:
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Project name Type Country
Rechenzentrum Hollandstraße Data centres Austria
Town Town Office & Commercial buildings Austria
Hauptwerkstätte Simmering Wiener Linien Transportation Austria
Finanzministerium Wien Other Austria
Europlaza Office & Commercial buildings Austria
Energietower Linz Office & Commercial buildings Austria
Viertel 2 / Plus 2 / Hotel 2 Multi purpose Austria
Geriatriezentrum Simmering Healthcare & Wellness Austria
Hotel Schloßallee Hotels Austria
Kolpingheim St. Pölten Apartments Austria
Seepark Vösendorf Apartments Austria
Landespflegeheim Gänserndorf Healthcare & Wellness Austria
Schloss Petronell Hotels Austria
Stadtgalerien Schwaz Multi purpose Austria
Krankenhaus St. Pölten Healthcare & Wellness Austria
NHT O3 Apartments Austria
IWP Rosenberg Healthcare & Wellness Austria
Medalp Healthcare & Wellness Austria
UNI Salzburg Education & Research Austria
Fleischmarkt Wien Office & Commercial buildings Austria
Hotel Tivoli Hotels Austria
Wien Mitte Office & Commercial buildings Austria
Space to Move Office & Commercial buildings Austria
Hotel Sofitel Praterstraße Hotels Austria
LX 2 Office & Commercial buildings Austria
Showing 1 - 25 out of 145