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Underfloor heating

Choose from a wide selection of IMI Heimeier options below to help control your underfloor heating: from small floor surfaces, to combination heating with radiators and multi-circuit installations. For those interested in a cable-free option to control floor heating systems in individual rooms, Radiocontrol is the perfect solution. Don’t forget to take advantage of our new and unique AFC (Automatic Flow Control) technology for multi-circuit floor heating systems. This innovation from IMI Heimeier integrated into the Dynacon manifold, automatically ensures the correct flow to each circuit - so no overflows, no over-heating and no need for complex hydronic calculations!

Choose the right product for your application below!

  • Small underfloor heating areas

    • RTL

      Among other things, the return temperature limiter RTL is used to limit the return temperatures of radiators or combined floor/rad...

    • Multibox

      Multibox is used for decentralized control of floor or wall heating systems or combined floor/radiator heating systems. For out-of...

    • Multibox 4

      RTL and K-RTLMultibox 4 RTL and K-RTL is used for decentralized control of underfloor heating. Due to the additional supply shut-o...

    • Multibox AFC

      The Multibox AFC is used for decentralized individual room temperature control or maximum limitation of the return temperature in ...

  • Underfloor heating manifolds

    • Dynacon

      Dynacon adjusts the flow rate in the individual heating circuits directly in l/h. This means hydraulic balancing is achieved in one...

  • Wireless temperature control

    • Radiocontrol F

      The Radiocontrol F radio control system for controlling floor heating systems in individual rooms consists of a microprocessor-con...

    • EMOtec

      The EMOtec thermal actuator with position indicator (NC) can be installed in temperature and/or timerelated 2-point control system...

  • Water temperature control

    • Floor Control Set

      The Floor Control Set with return addition is used for the constant control of the supply temperature for floor heating systems. I...