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Safety comes first

A safe and attractive workplace

We never compromise on our health and safety standards for our people. Our single most important responsibility is to ensure that everyone who works for IMI Hydronic Engineering feel safe and maintains good health. We provide training and information on these issues and continuously ensure that any incident is immediately followed up and recorded.

We commit to providing our customers with safe products and services which are safe and meet or exceed the quality level we promise them.

We Look After Our Own

Our employees well being is of paramount importance to us.  Here are some examples of what we do to look after our own.

Sometimes simple solutions can be the most effective.  Every time we have an accident or near accident a coloured pin is stuck in that location on a map.  The map becomes a visual tool to identify potential accident areas.  For example several near misses on a certain gangway produced a cluster of pins.  When investigated it was obvious a blind corner was causing the problem.  A mirror was the simple, effective solution.

Even with everyone’s best efforts, sometimes accidents do happen.  When a person is returning to work for whatever reason we make sure they are comfortable with the tasks given to them.

And our efforts are being rewarded. Lost time accident rate is a standard health and safety measurement.  It is the number of accidents resulting in three or more days absence divided by every 100,000 hours worked. As you can see from the graph it has reduced for the last three years in a row.

Visiting Ljung factory

Before you visit our company in Ljung, Sweden, you have the possibility to take part of our Health & Safety Video.

Please, click on the link below and you will be redirected to youtube.com

Health and Safety Video