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Naša spletna stran uporablja piškotke, da bi bolje ustrezala vašim zahtevam. Pravilna konfiguracija možnosti brskalnika omogoča blokiranje ali brisanje piškotkov, lahko pa tudi povzroči, da spletna stran ne deluje pravilno ali sploh ne deluje. Z nadaljnjo uporabo te spletne strani, brez spreminjanja nastavitev brskalnika, se strinjate z uporabo piškotkov.

Več o naši politiki zasebnosti in piškotkih.

CO2 energy-efficient renovations in Germany

One Euro of promotion can activate tenfold investments

Energy-efficient renovations pay off.

CO2 energy-efficient renovations save energy and protect the climate. The federal KfW- bank group offers several funding programmes for single measures as well as for complete renovations and new buildings.

Furthermore, KfW offers low interest loans and investment grants for renovation measures concerning residential and public buildings. With this support, the renovation will pay off.  

From 2012 until 2014, 1.5 billion EUR per year are available from the special asset ”Energie- und Klimafonds” (Energy and climate fund). From 2013, this amount will be increased by 300 million EUR up to 1.8 billion EUR per year for further 8 years.  

Since 2006, the Federal Government provided already 11 billion EUR for the CO2 energie-efficient renovation program. The ”KfW” granted loans and subsidies of approx. 1.6 million EUR. Thereby, investments up to 117.6 billion EUR could be activated. Almost 3 million apartments were renovated or energy-effiently built during this period, additionally more than 1.400 municipal facilities.

40 percent of the total energy consumption of public and private housing in Germany are only caused by heating systems. Heating therefore causes almost one third of the total CO2 emission. Up to 80 percent of the energy requirements could be saved by professional renovation and modern building technology.  

The positive effect for the climate: The CO2 emissions decreased by approx. 6 million tons per year. This is more than the yearly CO2 emission of Berlin.

Source: Federal Government Germany