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Le tre condizioni chiave per un sistema idronico

From designers to clients, every user wants their heating and cooling system to provide the desired indoor climate at the minimum cost. With today’s advanced control technology this attractive prospect should be a reality, however in practice this has often proved to be elusive.

Three hydronic conditions must be fulfilled for controllers to function effectively, and only an effective balancing procedure can ensure that the plant performs as specified by the designer.

This seminar offers an excellent introduction to hydronic balancing, while dealing with the three conditions necessary for hydronic control, how to identify faults in the hydronic system and how to use balancing to ensure optimum indoor climate.

The following subjects will be included:

  • Symptoms indicative of ineffective hydronic heating and cooling systems
  • Underlying causes of these typical symptoms
  • The three key conditions for hydronic control, including discussion on design flow, control valves and compatibility.
  • Methods to attain all three conditions
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